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    I know this probably the place for this question , but im so mad right now. Now i had loads of invaluable information in many many private messages to do with a restoration project. And now when i come back to find some specifications i need , i find them all gone. Not impressed . Where have private messages gone , and why ?



    Firstly, I can say that all messages are still stored as they were and will be accessible once again once the messaging service is restored.

    Secondly, the reason for the messaging being suspended was because there were several spammers sending messages in quantity via messaging to VHGMC members. This is frustrating not just for members but also for admin as they get many emails back from members rightly asking why they are receiving such messages.

    It is mighty difficult to stop spammers manually creating an account (just like an ordinary person would do) and then stop them from sending unsolicited messages to other members.

    We actually check new members on a daily basis but this doesn’t stop all spammers getting through. Indeed we had one spammer who posted and operated normally and appeared to be completely legit that then went on to send unsolicited messages to everyone. Where do we draw the line in vetting people? It’s a question admin have asked themselves many times.

    Currently there is an updated copy of the VHGMC website being tested with several safeguards in testing to help with signups, messaging issues and also payment and renewal process. This is being done by an independent website company yet it also requires an unpaid VHGMC volunteer to travel and attend the necessary meetings/testings. So we apologise for any frustrations and delays but we will return to normal.



    It’s a shame that one or two people can spoil it for the rest, but there really isn’t much we can do to stop the type of spammer that we were plagued with recently.
    They signed up as normal, were processed normally then proceeded to send annoying private messages to members on the website. If the PM service is open to abuse in this way we have no choice but to suspend it until we can find some way around it.



    Thankyou for the update , much appreciated.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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