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From Allen, Atco and the Autoscythe through to Versatiller and Wrigley, all vintage horticultural machinery is covered by the VHGMC.

Whether you collect vintage hand tools, garden tractors, mowers, crawlers or rotavators, try for free the incredibly helpful forum or become a paid member and receive the club magazines and free insurance.

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Mr Rollo and his Croftmaster Factory – 1955

We are sure that many members would be able to recognize a Rollo Croftmaster tractor? Although rare, I am hoping that there will be one or two at the Scottish Tractor World Show in Edinburgh in March 2018. According to newspaper archives from 1955 the original, basic idea for the Rollo Croftmaster tractor was initially […]

Window Shopping – Last Century

Many of us know where our machines or collectables originated from, we may have a brochure with the dealers stamp on it or perhaps a decal or sticker proudly displaying the suppliers details and the address where the machine or tool came from.  Leap back many decades and retailers, many trading as ironmongers originally, would […]

1950s Chelsea Flower Show Exhibits

Showing new machinery and ideas to the public at shows has always been a great way to promote a company and the machinery too. Even back in the 1950’s the Chelsea Flower Show had many new machines on show, many of the machines have become firm favourites with collectors and of course the machines are […]

UK’s Oldest Bolens Tractor (and Australia too)

This isn’t a trick question but does anyone want to guess when Bolens introduced their two-wheeled garden tractors to the UK? We are all used to seeing the Bolens four-wheeled garden tractors, as in the image on the right, with the appealing Ride-a-matics being introduced in 1959, but the two-wheeled tractors were even earlier – in […]

Machines and original engines

Occasionally we see posts on the VHGMC forum asking if a certain machine had a particular engine fitted from new or is it a replacement engine.A machine may get an engine transplant over it’s lifetime. Maybe the swap is because the engine has expired, maybe it was easier to put on another engine as it was cheaper than […]

Ryan and Horwool turf equipment

We probably all know the name of Horwool and their ride-on triplex mowers and the Landscaper 1200 tractor – see them in the Horwool gallery. In the 1960’s Horwool, based in  Romford, were also the agents for the American built Ryan turf equipment which was shipped over to the UK.Ryan still make lawn care equipment […]

Homemade or Serious Idea?

Occasionally weird and wonderful machines turn up. But are they serious ideas, homemade affairs or ideas destined to be recycled for decades? Read on to find out about one.Whether they work or not one definitely homemade machine which everyone seems to be aware of is the bicycle lawnmower. The image on the right is one that we found in […]

Before Starting Engine…

Engine maintenance is of the utmost importance, for without a running engine we are going nowhere apart from the workshop to do some problem solving. Illustrated right and shown as a full scan at the bottom of the page is a 1976 dated Briggs and Stratton engine instruction guide supplied with a new B&S engine and usually attached to […]

1936 Catalogue Sprayers

It’s 1936 and we are looking through the latest catalogues for a new sprayer, the choice is wide with sprayers to suit every budget and every spraying need. A new sprayer may be needed because there’s a new job such as whitewashing to be done as in the image on the right, or perhaps the […]

David Brown & Bolens

Collecting and preserving a machine is often much more than just having the physical machine itself, although one machine is never enough and the collecting bug bites hard. Also accumulating brochures, leaflets and memorabilia about a certain manufacturer can add to the interest, sometimes it’s also vital to have the extra information when rebuilding or […]