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From Allen, Atco and the Autoscythe through to Versatiller and Wrigley, all vintage horticultural machinery is covered by the VHGMC.

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Howard Bantam 1950

Humour can capture the attention of the prospective customer far easier than any serious advertising might. All from 1950 are the following four adverts for the Howard Rotavator ‘Bantam’. Each is carefully crafted to highlight the difficulties of gardening that the Bantam can overcome: Digging, weeding and labour saving. The fourth advert proves that an oily […]

G. D. Mountfield Adverts

G.D.Mountfield of Maidenhead are well known to be associated with a large range of horticultural machinery and accordingly the company did a vast amount of advertising. Mountfield started their ‘proper’ marketing in 1967 after the appointment of Robinson Scotland and Partners who handled the marketing, advertising and public relations. Advertising was planned for amongst others […]

Nobby Fletcher and Bolens

Nobby Fletcher is a fictitious character who appeared in a Bolens advert in 1970, reproduced below, promoting the assets of owning a Bolens garden tractor. Nobby Fletcher appears to be somewhat of a dogsbody working five and a half days per week mowing the lawns, scything the orchard, tending the kitchen garden, sweeping leaves, rolling the […]

Ginge mowers and tools

During the late 1960’s a hugely successful Danish manufacturer by the full name of Ginge-Raadvad was launching their range of lawn mowers and garden tools into the UK market. Marketed as Ginge (pronounced Ging-ha) nowadays it is a little known make but had big ambitions with some snazzy sales patter, yet although the name is […]

Secret life of secateurs

Forget about garden tractors, rotavators, mowers and more, for the humble secateurs have appeared in more intriguing articles and news reports than any other tool or machine. From being the source of a riot, to an item of numerous counts of petty pilfering; from being a restricted wartime item to also being a free gift […]

Sprayers, Misters & Dusters *cough, splutter*

I have been collecting some sprayer demonstration images for a few months now, and for a bit of light-hearted fun, these images show the marvelous ingenuity and brave stupidity of some of the sprayers and dusters that graced the mid-20th Century. There were certainly some clever chaps on our shores who took the bull by […]

Ireland’s first golf course gang mower with Cletrac – 1922

Although this article is about trialing machinery on an Irish golf course, it is also a good example of engine powered machinery and mechanisation taking over from horses.In October 1922 A newspaper in Ireland printed the following image along with a text article, describing and depicting a tractor and set of gang mowers during a demonstration at Malone […]

When Machines Go Modern

When searching machinery in any archives it becomes apparent that although machines were well-made and created to do a job, there was also a lot of thought behind the marketing too and creating machines that kept up with public demand – who wants last years model when there’s an updated, sparkling new one just been released? Manufacturers […]

Mr Rollo and his Croftmaster Factory – 1955

We are sure that many members would be able to recognize a Rollo Croftmaster tractor? Although rare, I am hoping that there will be one or two at the Scottish Tractor World Show in Edinburgh in March 2018. According to newspaper archives from 1955 the original, basic idea for the Rollo Croftmaster tractor was initially […]

Window Shopping – Last Century

Many of us know where our machines or collectables originated from, we may have a brochure with the dealers stamp on it or perhaps a decal or sticker proudly displaying the suppliers details and the address where the machine or tool came from.  Leap back many decades and retailers, many trading as ironmongers originally, would […]