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    I have been volunteered into repairing our village cricket pitch roller, which has a gearbox problem. Before I set about it with the spanners, was wondering if anyone had an operators/parts/technical manual for said machine. There is a manual available for purchase online, but being from Yorkshire, I tend to come out in a nasty rash if I have to open my wallet!!






    I’ve looked through the VHGMC online stuff and had a search online and cannot find any documents apart from paid for ones. Being from Yorkshire myself I know what you mean about unnecessarily spending money, club chairman Trusty220 constantly reminds me about my frugality!

    Good luck with the roller, there seems to be quite a few about so someone must have a manual somewhere.




    Gave myself a good dowsing in Chamomile Lotion and purchased a manual. As the cricket season is fast approaching, time is not on my side.
    Anyway, after opening up the gearbox, it was pretty obvious as to what was wrong. The input shaft has sheared just behind one of the bearings and one of the large driven gears which houses the clutch discs is in need of some extreme dentistry, as it has lost most of it’s teeth!!



    That is going to be expensive to fix.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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