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    I am looking for this part (91257-707-015 Boot Seal 35x75x8), if anyone has a new, unused or used part of this Tiller-axle seal or knows where to buy, please contact me.

    suggestions for alternatives or remakes are welcome too of course.

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    Is this part a rotary shaft oil seal? If so, the size you have listed should be available from most bearing/oil seal stockists. One can be found at the following website: https://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/p26834/35x75x8mm-Nitrile-Rubber-Rotary-Shaft-Oil-Seal-with-Garter-Spring-R23-/-TC/product_info.html

    There are many other online oil seal suppliers.

    Hope this helps.




    thanks for thinking along: looked at that, but No, it’s not like any ordinairy oil seal: Both axle and outerpart are actually rotating with the same speed, but the outer part is tilted and ‘wiggles’around too. A lot like a CV-joint (homokinetic joint) or a Rzeppa joint. the seal acts like a bellow.
    Honda patented … special part, NOK AZ7882E … and google isn’t my friend this time (tried that of course).

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    Have you tried contacting Honda? It might be worth contacting John Cruse at The Mower Centre, Hailsham he is experienced in maintaining older garden machinery so may know if the part is available.



    Have you found this part yet or any good replacement? I need it for my Honda F80 aswell since the rotor leaks oil.




    Nope, it really doesn’t seem to exist any more.

    Honda Nederlands just refurs to “go to your dealer”, but they obviously just like to sell you a new machinie, and do not take time to search. I am also pretty sure it doesn’t exist any more: Honda clearly states it is 1st replaced, and then sold out again.

    I had no luck at that Mower Centre (John did try to help!) .

    SparesBB claim they have the part, BUT: WARNING, this is a FAKE company that scams your creditcard!

    So.. I’ll try to remake it, or have it remade… Just didn’t have the time to do so yet.

    Are you sure that specific seal is broken?, there are many other places where it can leak 🙂

    I am busy digitizing the partslista and shopmanual (which I bought now on paper).

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    I had no luck either. I contacted Honda (in Sweden, where I live) and they did not have it. They recommended another machine-firm who recommended that I could use a standard axle seal but that wont work due to the “angular rotation” of the axle. I also contacted Mover Center, but unforntunately no help.

    I am sure the seal is leaking. On the left side, the right is OK. There is a big hole in it where the oil comes out as soon as I fill it with oil. I am thinking of remanufacturing aswell but I have not removed it yet.

    How did you get yours out?



    really looks like the seal is mounted the wrong side outwards. I am missing the outside metal protection ring (mud-guard)
    I pulled it out on that metal cap.
    but first you should be able to slide off the complete assembly over the axle (outwards). Make sure to lube the inside first.



    Maybe someone sometime has mounted the sealings inside-out?

    Anyhow, I will propably use the machine anyway. At least this summer.
    I poured some sticky gear-oil in it (should be motor oil) that stays quite good inside the rotavator so that I can run it for some hours.

    It actually runs quite good 🙂

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