Is there going to be a Ransomes MG crawler book??

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    I have heard various rumours for some time now about a Ransomes MG book, does anyone know if anyone has anything in preparation?

    Another thought is considering the amount of sales literature on Ransomes MG crawlers and attachments, is collating all of this information together into a book of sales literature. I have seen this done before for non-VHGMC subjects quite successfully.



    I haven’t heard anything and there’s been no request to use any photos or documents/advertising/downloads from the VHGMC website.

    You are right about collating information, on a wider scale I think everyone should have a stab at writing a short piece about their favourite machine with photos and some sales literature, it’d be good archive material for future collectors!



    I can second that, Alan. Since I wrote the book on the Trusty I have had many calls from people with Trusty machinery- more to add to the Trusty Register so that it builds up into an accurate picture of the surviving machines and their distribution around the World.

    Many people don’t realise that these horticultural machines were exported to all parts of the British Commonwealth as well as parts of the World that had seen the worst fighting in the war; the UNRRA was set up after the war to get countries back into food production to feed their populations, and “our” machinery played a large part in this.

    What we need is more books about “our” machinery; we all collect information to satisfy our own curiosity, but what happens to it? It may get passed on by word of mouth, but it is far better to put it into writing so that it is there for future generations.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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