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    Hi all took my farmers boy to little ellingham working weekend topped up the oil and it leaked what seals should i get. And how easy is it to do .



    Hi Carl. Good to see her in action. I’ve no knowledge of them, but I did seals on one of my SIMARS a few years ago and it was a bu###r of a job! I have found though that formerly leaky seals do improve and leak a lot less the more use the machine gets. And it’s a good excuse to get them out as often as possible! Peter



    Hi, Whereabouts did it leak from?
    The axles don’t actually have seals…. They have bronze bushes, which will allow a small amount of oil past. however if there is severe wear on both the shaft and bushes then lots will leak out!
    My series 2 Farmers Boy required both a new shaft turning and new bushes fitting to make it almost oil tight. Have a look at my restoration story of the Farmers Boy Light Tractor in the Projects section…..

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    Hi dermic1 it has been leaking from r/h side standing in front of the machine.
    I may need thicker oil . What oil do you put in . I am going to re engine the farmers boy with a mk 12 engine. It has mk15 high speed .
    Carl Harper

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