• That’s the one, Charlie! Well done, I knew it was worth asking The Forum- you’ve never been beaten yet!

    I knew it was from Lee Howl Ltd. of Tipton in The Black Country but could not find any pictures relating to this particular pump. Surprising that it was from 1939; it looks older.

  • The emblem on the cover is almost rubbed out on mine so I will need to find a way of reproducing it. The photo of the good emblem is a pump belonging to a fellow member but it appears that the logo is embossed or moulded into the plastic on his one, so not quite the same although the artwork is similar.

    Any ideas, anybody??

  • With the Cobra sprayer pump came an awfully big pallet of other pumps amongst which was this large brass manual pump. There are no makers’ names on it, just what you can see on the pictures.

    There are two slots on the top where two handles fit in and it has holes in the base to bolt it down to something. Would the red paint indicate Fire Brigade…[Read more]

  • For comparison purposes here are some photo’s of the pump with a different perspex cover or different layouts.

    Decisions, decisions! Now I don’t know which way to go with it!

  • I’ve always wanted one of these but for some reason none seem to have come my way- until now, that is!

    Some years ago I bought the water tank carrier from a mate of mine. There was no water tank as the previous owner had thrown it away and used the carrier as a chariot; he used to stand on the floorboards and drive his Trusty along the road to…[Read more]

  • For some time now we have seen various members posting articles about their lawnmowers or wanting to know something about their spiker- basically anything to do with grass and it’s maintenance.

    We have now introduced a new section of the forum especially for these types of machinery; after all, “Garden” is in the club’s title, isn’t it? Besides…[Read more]

  • Yes, she would have given the Fenland Ladies a run for their money in her day, she was a great party lass. You could say that she held up the Yorkshire end for quite some time!

    Aaahh, happy days!

  • The qualifying matches have now been selected and can be found in the Ploughing section of this website.

    Click on the “Ploughing” tab at the top of the page, follow it down to the bottom of the page and there are some useful links. Contacts are included in the listing but if you want information on more ploughing matches please look at The…[Read more]

  • trusty220 replied to the topic Farmall cub in the forum Ride-on machines 1 week, 3 days ago

    I think you’ll find that if you persevere with the Anzani it will give you one of the best finishes but it isn’t the easiest of machines to master.

    I still use a walk-behind Trusty and find it one of the easiest machines once you’ve learned it’s little secrets and foibles.

  • trusty220 replied to the topic Farmall cub in the forum Ride-on machines 1 week, 4 days ago

    A good question, Roger! Quite a few years ago when the class was started a few of the original ploughmen got together to make a definitive list of what could be used and what wasn’t deemed to be “in the spirit” of the class.

    Bearing in mind that the class was originally intended for Iron Horses and Trusty’s it has now expanded to include Kubota…[Read more]

  • At last we have a culprit- sorry, unknown benefactor. It was John Little from Edinburgh! Thanks John the parts will come in useful.

    Oh, and I’ll get you back one day, probably when you’re least expecting it!

  • I never realised you were there as well, and I never realised that Noddy took the blame for it either. I was under the impression it was a certain hairy individual who resides in rural Lincolnshire.

    Happy days back in Holbeach with the Fenland Ladies!

  • From memory the breather valve fits inside the valve chest cover. It can be fitted upside down because there are no markings on it to tell you which way up it should go.

    There are two small holes along one of the long sides- these are oil drain holes and must go at the bottom and face inwards towards the valves. Similarly there should be a gasket…[Read more]

  • Admittedly, Big Ears was a friend of Noddy but it appears that there may have been a bit of a falling out and Noddy has now made friends with Eeyore. Changing authors in mid-fame is quite an unusual strategy but it does keep the story line fresh.

  • Charlie tells me that he’s the one with the big ears. Am I right?

  • Are you sure it wasn’t you sending me parts and trying to get me in trouble? A trick worthy of The Gnome himself!!

  • That title normally gets you all fired up for a challenge! This one’s a good one- I’ve been after an anvil for some time now and managed to buy one off that very expensive auction site. I could have had one before now but I didn’t want to pay £300 and a tankful of diesel to get it from the Outer Hebrides, so when this one came up in Hereford for…[Read more]

  • …….or should I expect a ransom note in the post? Something along the lines of,” These are parts off your Steed. Leave money in a paper bag or we will start to dismantle it more and sell it off piecemeal.”

    I hope not, but you never know!

    By the way, Charlie, I hadn’t thought of that one- thanks for the tip. It reminds me of one of my…[Read more]

  • Mrs. Geoff ‘phoned me today to say that I’d just had two parcels delivered, asking what I’d been spending the money on this time? My claims of total innocence fell on deaf ears so I told her to open them up to see what they were.

    Somebody has sent me two brake assemblies for a Trusty Steed, a Norton oil tank, an Amal carburettor and an air…[Read more]

  • trusty220 replied to the topic Tracgrip in the forum Ride-on machines 1 month, 1 week ago

    It sounds like it should be an Albion HR3 or 3A gearbox which was quite common on most of these vehicles.

    First thing that I would look at in both cases is the clutch plates. The corks may be sticking to the steel plates with old oil or grease- or rust if it hasn’t been used for a while- and it’s the easiest part to get at. Just undo the hexagon…[Read more]

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