• The clips are off Hayter Hayterettes from the mid sixties. Normally I would not worry so much and just use circlips instead, but in this case the ‘hub caps’ are secured by fitting over the clips.

    Hayter stopped using this type of fixing and moved to nuts, when they moved to the single lever height adjustment in the early seventies.

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  • Good evening,

    Could anyone tell me the name of this style of retaining clip? They are used to retain the wheels on a couple of mowers I have, but am struggling to find them as I don’t know their name.

    Failing that if anyone could tell me where I could purchase them that would be appreciated too.

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  • Excellent! Thank you for your replies, I’ll try and give Hayter a call over the next week.

    As for the RAL colours I have RAL fan with 192 colours and think they are closet to the following.

    The hammerite green style paint is closet to RAL1020 Olive Yellow.

    I think the older mowers are made up of RAL 6036 Pearl Opal Green for the engine and RAL…[Read more]

  • Hello,

    I am sure it has been discussed on this forum as it has on many others, but thought I would raise it to see if there is a definite answer!

    I currently own 5 different hayterette’s ranging from 1961 through to 1976 (I shall attempt to attach an image). They all start and run well and I have rebuilt one of the engines. But I need to start…[Read more]