• Anybody see the item Gardener’s World had, Friday and repeated today Sunday BBC2, on vintage lawnmowers? Was it someone from VHGMC’s collection by any chance, I didn’t see the start of the piece? Beautiful selection of colourful old machines

  • Also, I always have to chuckle when i see a Greyhound plough, thinking of your words, in your Trusty book i believe, referring to an original advert for the plough, saying it ‘could be fitted or dismounted easily by one man. Yes, if you want to give yourself a hernia’ !

  • Well done Geoff, the plough is looking great. That’s the same green the Trusty Tractor would be painted/sprayed with on the factory floor? What exact green is it, and where best to find it?
    The plough share and slide do look like polished steel as well! It was all look great with a small splash of colour when the stickers go on. By the way, im…[Read more]

  • That’s interesting about the Kubota hex-bar, and thats for the axles of their two wheel tractor/rotavators? A bit like the search for small farm tractor wheels, I have been searching around for Kubota dealers that carry the small stuff? Its always their mid range tractor, diggers, etc that i find. Never seem to come up with their two-wheel tractor…[Read more]

  • I had difficulty finding wheels for my Honda, as ive said Andy, but it was the hexagonal extension axle that posed the biggest obstacle. Then i found the axles, the wheels followed on the same website shop, on a certain auction site!

    My wheels are 4.00 x 8, and these were the only size that this shop carried, but they happened to be exactly what…[Read more]

  • Goes without saying that i am alway on the lookout for small tools and equipment that suit these small machines. Small is Beautiful. And when you have heavy soils and high rainfall, you want to be as fleet footed as possible. So any ideas, suggestions or places to search are welcomed.
    With the new wheels, i can see this little Honda getting a new…[Read more]

  • And yes, the drawbar on the roller needs to be modified! But the weather was good and the job in hand needed to be done today. Even the smallest of maintenance jobs like that can scupper a full days work at times? Fixing it on the fly is the farming way. Not the right way. And if there were dangers attached, not the way at all.

  • Smaller tractors, smaller files!

  • It took a while, but, finally got a set of wheels and hexagonal bar axles for my Honda rotavator. Got them from Spain! And all things considered they were as reasonably prices, including shipping, as common or garden wheelbarrow ones down the local hardware store!
    I hadn’t been using this rotavator that much recently, a two wheel tractor version…[Read more]

  • kmacaoidh replied to the topic A Conscientious Restoration in the forum Projects 2 weeks ago

    Andy, I agree completely with you. Almost all wheel hoes would be a pleasure to work with I’d say? I use a Glaser, with a stirrup hoe, in my place of work, and it halves the work involved. Im sure most other newer hoes are equally as good? Bar the few, poorly made ones.
    The Jalo I have recently acquired is truevto form, sturdy but light and easy…[Read more]

  • And, so it comes to pass. I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a Jalo Wheel Hoe, with a good few sweeps, rakes, and attachments to go with it. A real find, and one that i have been seeking for a long time. I use newer ones at work, but aren’t they so expensive, for what they are? Still good at what they do, but are they any better than the…[Read more]

  • The Trusty restoration is still at a standstill, too many other jobs, chores and work pushing in! But the tractor, plough and attachments are in under a weather protective roof and on a solid dry floor. The Garage in other words! For the time being the Trusty must content itself with seeing the other working tractor going out to do the work for…[Read more]

  • That’s a good suggestion, hadn’t thought to widen my search to other similar name brands! Sometimes it’s just using the right words in a search. Even your use of the simple descriptive ‘hex bar’ for the rotar/wheels axle makes things easier!!
    It’s like those linchpin’s you get on rotavators, with the rounded pins that clip in, noticed a few…[Read more]

  • Thanks for reaching replying to my call for help and information Hortiman. I’m not sure if I have made it as clear as I could, what I’m really looking for? The rotor drums you mention are for rotavating I take it? I have a set of them. It’s more a set of wheels that would fit on that sane hex bar, as you call it, to drive the machine from place to…[Read more]

  • Very interesting piece of garden equipment, but it must be very heavy to do its work? And it would be compacted ground that you would most need to us it on. I’d be interested to know what kind of weight it is, and if you’ve used it, how well it works?

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    In reply to: kmacaoidh posted an update @charlie Spring is in the air, well every second day anyway, and thoughts turn to getting into the fields and gardens. Which makes me wonder if we can expect a February issue of The […] View

    Thanks Charlie, I see the Forum post now. Maybe it’s just being a new member, a collector of things, or just these times we have, but we look forward to these little anticipated treats, like The Cultivator, in the post!?

  • kmacaoidh posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    @charlie Spring is in the air, well every second day anyway, and thoughts turn to getting into the fields and gardens. Which makes me wonder if we can expect a February issue of The Cultivator in the post, to mark the start of a new growing season?

  • I’d be tempted by those Greyhound plough stickers Geoff, if I ever get to that degree of finish on the Trusty equipments I have! Is it a set of stickers, one on both sides of the headstock, or just the one? Also, are the stickers set for the tractor still available? It would make sense to get the lot when we’re at it? I’ll keep an eye on progress.

  • I’m looking for transport wheels for my Honda,a few cultivation tools as well, for rowcrop growing season ahead. I’ve added a few pictures to give a better idea. I’ve searched about but can’t find them for sale, so any website, dealership, ideas or advice gladly welcome.

  • Just downloaded the VHGMC 2021 calendar, a lovely, almost calming, professionally high standard presentation. My only concern in seeing it was that, to do it justice, I would deserve and need to be printed to an equally high standard. A good quality ink printer using anice heavy paper or card? Looks great on screen, congratulations to all involved…[Read more]

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