• No doubt sewage treatment has developed since the Ransome MG based sand skimmers reached the end of there working lives but it seems there is still a need for filter bed sand skimmers and one machine is the skimmer based on a Morrish crawler built in Devon.
    You could say it is the “grandson” of the Ransomes based unit but with a 3 cylinder kubota…[Read more]

  • Thank you for your assistance
    I had a thought and contacted Jim Wilkie, he told me the Chippenham Club was one of the NVTEC regional clubs but folded about 20 years ago, but he did not remember anybody of that name or the publication

  • I was sorry to see that you were parting with your collection and more so to read it was due to ill health.
    However I think you can look back with pride to the Ransomes MG display you organised at Tractor World, a real master class in how to put on a display.
    The article in the Cultivator by Patrick Knight together with the extra items added by…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your response, it is quite surprising how many of these early makers developed and Cambridge moved to Bristol because of transport links and he was selling his products to overseas.

    I had always thought the Cambridge roll took its name from where the design had originated like the Essex wagon.
    I have another cast roll end made by…[Read more]

  • I wonder if anyone can help me on this club, do they still exist ?
    They published a small book in 1985 written by Paul S Weaver on William Colbourne Cambridge 1807-1869, Implement maker of Lavington Wiltshire and subsequently Bristol.
    He was the original patentee for the “Cambridge roll”.
    Any assistance would be appreciated, I have had a set of…[Read more]

  • Funnily enough opened up my sunday newspaper and there is a article on the Talking Pictures channel run by a chap and his daughter from a shed in there garden.
    He obtained rights to a lot of Black and white films and television series for which makers thought there was no interest or demand.Watching audience for the channel is several million.
    The…[Read more]

  • I do not know if any of you watch talking pictures channel 81 on Freeview, early morning they show all sorts of Goverment information films as short fillers, many I find interesting and one in recent weeks was a Ministry of Agriculture film on the construction of field storage clamps for potatoes and also carrots.They went through stage by stage…[Read more]

  • Reading those Allen’s activities It has made me ponder how employment has changed, how the Allen family with the decline of the steam manufacture and hire side of the company and in a period of economic depression they looked to developing other products to keep there workers in employment and such things as the Fairground rides and also electric…[Read more]

  • How interesting, it is always surprising what companies were involved in. On holiday in Sri Lanka we visited a tea factory and some of the tea processing machinery had been manufactured by Ransomes in 1948 and was still in use. Sadly more modern machinery came from China.

    During this isolation period I have been reading some Allens of Oxford…[Read more]

  • The other tractor listed by this seller is a “K.J Hemingway Tractor”

    Mr K.J Hemingway was the managing director of Pattisons based at Stanmore at the time in a former brewery, a lovely old fashioned gentleman he entertained me to tea and biscuits in his office back in 1981 when I was doing some research on a Pattison RCT tractor I had. He pulled…[Read more]

  • On our Monarch tractor which has the same size and ply rating front tyres, the tyre pressure is maximum 20 psi

    regards FP

  • franktonpaget replied to the topic OTA Tractors in the forum Help and information 11 months ago

    With a cast front your tractor is a MK1

    If it was a early MK1 (yellow and red colours) the chassis and engine number would be on a cast aluminium makers plate mounted on the right chassis.

    From what I can see your tractor is the Co-op Blue colour and the chassis has fixing holes for the underslung toolframe so I think this is a later MK1 where…[Read more]

  • The February Cultivator was a good read with ideal cross section of items, however the Editor in his “Ramblings” did say that not a lot had come in and he had a bit of difficulty filling the issue.

    Some time back when a commercial publisher ceased publishing a dedicated magazine on our hobby and there was a lot of anguish on the Forum I thought…[Read more]

  • Came across a article on this machine introduced in 1946 by Kenneth Hudson and Sons and had never seen one or seen mention in any books or magazines.
    Has anyone seen one or have any information ?
    I know Kenneth Hudson made implements and then merged with Salopian to become SKH part of the Rubery Owen organisation
    Looks somewhat on the same layout…[Read more]

  • Having a sort out at present and came across a spare parts list for a Martin Markham all steel 70/90 Trailer with a A3 size centre fold exploded view of the trailer with blow up’s of hydraulics, brakes, hitch etc

    Send me a PM with your E mail details and I will scan and send to you.
    Unlike yours it has steel deck and sides but running gear and…[Read more]

  • Interesting article in a Australian magazine I subscribe to on the Winget tractor produced under license by the Pederick Engineering Company at Wagin in Western Australia
    Under the arrangement Winget supplied one complete tractor and the Lister engine, transmissions and steering gear for 14 further tractors.Pederick manufactured the chassis, front…[Read more]

  • I subscribe to the Australian magazine The Old Machinery Magazine (TOMM) and in the last issue was a article on the Bradford Nu-Track Tractor written by Patrick Knight

    These were a interesting single crawler track machine introduced in 1948 and although at least one survives in Australia I have never seen or heard of any survivors in this…[Read more]

  • Seen at the Royal Show 1993 on display was the Powa-Trac 36 Crawler about the same size as a MG40 with a Lombardini diesel engine powering hydraulic drive, attachments and pto

    Developed in Jersey as the salesman said to replace the old Ransome MG crawlers that were getting a bit long in the tooth
    Quite a nice looking modern machine ,I only saw…[Read more]

  • Came across another article in a Agricultural Machinery Journal from 1970 reporting the development of Richardson Automatic Cultivating Equipment which used a Ransomes MG as the development testbed.
    The MG with mounted ploughs at front and back was driverless and used a sensor controlled pneumatically controlled operation system invented by a Mr…[Read more]

  • I think the points made by Charlie are spot on and a completely valid view of restoring any machine

    The Ransomes mowers were made in much larger numbers than the crawlers and as a result have probably survived in larger numbers as well. If you have made efforts to find a good home without any joy you have taken the right course

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