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    Thank “Plonker”. I’ve looked it up and progressing, Donald.

  • I am restoring, to working order, a Hayter 26 with a Villiers 25 engine and a Zenith 24t carburettor. The engine has a governor with the operating shaft protruding from the engine block and connected to the throttle butterfly via a link. The hand throttle only applies spring tension to one end of the governor rod. Can anybody advise me on setting…[Read more]

  • Good morning gentlemen and many thanks to those of you who commented. As usual we have two “ experts “ diametrically opposed. What’s new? I have to make up my own mind.
    More interesting than petrol/oil ratios is the following:- Having totally striped the engine and rebuilt it, to make sure I wasn’t loosing crankcase pressure, I RESET EVERYTH…[Read more]

  • Good afternoon. What is the current thinking on the oil / petrol ratio on Villiers 11C engines. I have mine running but it is very smoky and has a tendency to oil the plug. I’m tempted to reduce the oil content and would like some experienced opinion. I’m also tempted to use modern 2 stroke oil. Any thoughts?

    Many thanks for any comments, Donald.

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    Thank you Dave for your comments on my problem. Please accept my apologies for the late response but I’m having great difficulty learning how to work the forum. I’ve stripped the engine right down and it is in very good order,I’ll rebuild it tomorrow and try again.
    Many thanks, Donald. PS. I hope this works!

  • Good morning I have just completed re building a newly acquired Allen scythe with a Villiers C11 engine. I have fitted a new coil and condenser, I have spark. The carburettor has been cleaned and I have petrol.What I don’t have is combustion! I’ve set the points, fitted a new plug,set the timing,( several times ) all to no avail.
    Where am I goi…[Read more]

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