• Hi Rambling Rabbit I had my flail mower going last week the new home made flails worked very well
    I have a poor tyre and may think of trying to modify the wheel hubs to take another size wheel.
    let me know how you are doing with yours, they are a great machine

  • davey posted an update 2 years, 6 months ago

    Many thanks for the reply re. flail mower the tyres are a problem as this size is like trying to get hens teeth, if there is any out there please let me know. I have made new flails set on clevis pins and fitted new belts, the next job is to remove the motor make good the metal work. Regards Davey

  • I have a Link-Hampson 25″ flail mower this machine is fitted with a Robin EY-2B
    engine I believe it is more than 30 years old.I can’t find any information on these
    machines I managed to get a tyre a couple of years ago but they now seem scarce or very
    expensive can anybody cast some light on these machines or tyres (4.00″ x 7″ open tread)
    Regards Davey.

  • The axel/gearbox is the same make and numbers as the original the
    change over was a straight swop. I checked the belt for wear
    and all was ok. the brake was out off adjustment as it was on
    when finished the wheels where fast, but when i adjusted the brake and they turned.
    I will have another look at the belt route many thanks Davey

  • I have just changed the gearbox/back axel on my mower with the same type and Nos.as the old box (new old stock) but find that the machine doesn’t pull as good as it did before the old box pack in. I have slacked off the brake adjuster and that has not made any difference.
    Has anybody had this problem and what might it be.? Thanks Davy

  • davey posted an update 3 years, 4 months ago

    I have just changed the gearbox/back axle and find that the machine doesn’t pull as good as it did when the old gearbox was working, I have adjusted the brake nut even slacked it off so it is not working but I don’t find the power in drive the gear box is a new old stock replacement 5 speed the Nos. and type nay answers please Davey.

  • davey posted an update 5 years ago

    Hi I have stripped off the magnetic clutch and opened it up, it is the type with a diode I have cleaned all parts and reassembled on test with a battery it pulls together I think the problem was a loose joint between magnet and diode will refit on ride on and test out again I hope this is a repair with no cost ? Thanks to all Davey.

  • davey replied to the topic westwood s1300 in the forum Ride-on machines 5 years, 3 months ago

    many thanks for the answers I am away from home for the next 4/5 weeks but on my return will strip it off the machine and have a good look. the part No. is 7259 and is still available but is not a returnable once purchased though it would be a spare.

  • Hi I have a westwood s1300 garden tractor with a duff magnetic clutch has anybody repaired one of these ? Thanks Davey.

  • have you taken the belt off the drive pulley and any other belt driven attachments make sure the gear lever is in neutral that will isolate the axel/gearbox from all else. davey.

  • davey posted an update 5 years, 4 months ago

    Hi I read the other day some information re tar planer I have one of these old girls can anybody say what oil should be used I have never topped mine up, its a 110 model and works as it should.many thanks davey