Member Downloads

The VHGMC has many downloads available which are great bonus to being a paid club member.

These include dozens of downloadable back issues of The Cultivator‘ club magazine going all the way back to 1993 – a great way to see photos of machines and events as well as read what the club has been doing for horticultural collectors over the last three decades. 

Below we have the start of some extra downloads:

VHGMC Exhibit
Log Sheet 

This is the A4 size VHGMC editable & printable log sheet that can be used on your exhibits at shows. It can be used by members & non-paid members.

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British Hand-held Garden & Horticultural Tools & Equipment

Trademarks and Logos: 58 pages: Sprayers, Sprinklers, Syringes, Powder Blowers/Dusters, Rubber Hose & other water related products.

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Ransomes MG 

This is a section devoted to Ransomes downloads, containing ploughs, tool frames and other equipment documents.

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VHGMC 2020 Calendar

Click the link below to download the Calendar in PDF file format.

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