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    Recently bought a very tired unihorse. I am doing a full nut and bolt restoration on it.

    I really need to source parts for the rear drive, as the diff, the gearbox output gears, and diff covers are missing.
    If I have to I will remake all these parts, but any help finding a hole tractor, or parts, would be great. Anything considered even totally knackered as I can remachine. But most of the bits I have only seen photos of.

    Anyway, If you are interested, so far I have stripped to the bare chassis, stripped the engine and rebuilt with all new oil seals and gaskets, engine is finished and a good runner. Just need to make the exhaust.

    Steering all stripped, all new bushes, had to make new pivot pins to get rid of play.
    Currently the gear box is in bits as it would not select gears, just waiting for a new centre support bush to rebuil, will attach some pics.






    Hi i read your post about the uni horse tractor. I have inherited my father’s uni horse – it was running 20 years ago but has not run since. I intend to get it running perhaps not to A1 but certainly tidy. What was you experience in getting parts for the engine/is there anyone you would recommend for such things



    The older unihorse tractors had a BSA engine fitted later ones a MAG engine, However Meetens Tel 01772691604 would be a good place to try first as they do spares for both makes of engine.Regards Chris.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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