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    For some weeks now I have swapping emails with a chap in Czechoslovakia who has inherited a Trusty from his father. He wants to get it going and is working his way through the engine internals at the moment, but I wonder if anybody recognises it from the pictures.

    It’s obviously a two-wheel Trusty with a JAP 5 engine that somebody has added a chassis and front axle to as well as a gearbox. The owner says that the front chassis doesn’t have metric bolts holding it together and he thinks his father bought it from somebody in England- any ideas who built it or where it came from?

    I have already dated the engine to 1946 which looks about right for the rest of the original tractor.



    Gearbox looks like a Ford one, though I’m not sure of the model. Fords never changed much if they could help it. My dad bought his first car, a 1936 Ford 8 in 1946, during the war they couldn’t get petrol so it ended up as a hen house! Father had to put an engine in and Mother made the headlining out of army blankets!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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