Somerset Tractor Show, Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th January 2020

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    I decided to enter this year as there is usually quite a reasonable horticultural presence, so I filled in the form and sent it off with an SAE. Not long after I got a phone call from the organiser, “I’ve got your entry, where’s your cheque?” “What cheque?” I replied, “It’s £8 per entry, it was clearly stated on the form.” I checked and indeed it was. “I don’t pay to enter shows”, I said, “it’s all for charity” he replied, “OK but I’ll pass then, I don’t pay to enter, I’ll come down as a customer instead”. No wonder there were a few gaps in the tractor entry in 2019.



    Well done, Alan. A few years ago they tried to introduce it at Newark- I think it was going to be £5 entry- and so many people raised objections that it was never implemented for the show.

    Organisers need to understand that it costs us enough as it is to attend their shows. Admittedly these are hidden costs with things such as fuel bills, camping (or hotel) costs as well as food and many other things including running a suitable vehicle to transport the exhibit. Charging an entry fee for exhibits is that final straw that is just that little too much.

    Without our exhibits they don’t have a show.

    I would say that these are my own personal thoughts and are in no way meant to be the official club standpoint. What do the rest of you think?




    I have entered that show and reluctantly paid, never again. My stock answer now, if I am asked to pay to enter, is take it out of my fuel allowance.



    Fuel allowance? Now there’s a novel idea! I shall go on the Saturday – I wonder if they’ll do a press pass….

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