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    I have been looking through the photo gallery and there are some lovely examples of Planet seed drillers, but I couldl find any wheel hoes? From pictures I’ve seen there are a good few variations and slightly different model? Were some more sophisticated than others, able to carry more tools, or in different configurations, or is it just that older/newer designs kept changing slightly?

    Would like to see some photos, someone’s collection, or more information on what’s out there?



    I’ve just had a look on the database on the backend of the website and see there are some wheeled hoes. I’ve put them on a page, it may (or may not!) be of some help. Link below.

    We don’t see that many hand tools on or push machines on the forum which is a shame as there’s some really interesting items out there.

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    Thanks for that Alan, hadn’t spotted those amongst the photo options. That great, these wheel hoes will whet the apatite till we get to search out some more. I’m interested in looking around to see what might be the wheel hoes with the best features and tool attachments compatability, ease of use, design, for general field and garden work.

    I new VHGMC would have the good stuff hidden away somewhere!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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