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    As a bevy to vintage lawnmowers but not other things old, I wonder if you can give me some assistance clarifying what exactly I have purchased !!
    It’s nit been used for a year, however came with a very nice generator unit attached to the back.

    I knew it would not be overly straightforward as I was aware it wouldn’t start prior to purchase . It has good compression, but unfortunately no spark.
    I have removed the the bolts holing in the pull start section , photos attached . Now without it sounding a daft question , how do you remove the fan cowling without extracting the centre bolt and everything which comes with it ?? Which I guess means I have to put it back in the correct place for timing ??
    Is it possible to get to the points more easily or to check for spark etc ..

    Does the cowing split in half if I remove the copper plaque that goes over what looks like a join ??

    Any help would be very much appreciated



    West Sussex


    I meant to say a Newby ! Not bevy !!
    Attached Pictures don’t look clear from this end ??



    Hi Mark,
    Looks very similar to the engine cowl on my old machine, which is a Model F scythe, have you got it sorted yet?
    I had no spark on mine when I bought it, so Ebay came to the rescue and I got the correct coil.
    I used my Milwaukee impact gun with 21mm socket to remove the magneto and fan as 1 unit,later I used 11mm socket to remove the 3 nuts to split the fan from magneto for access to set the points.
    Later when done I lined up the mark on magneto and end of shaft and tightened it up with impact again, using short pulls on the trigger of 1 or 2 seconds, once happy that running ok I gave it extended burst to lock off fully.



    Ahh thank you for getting back to me, much appreciated . It may ha e seemed a daft question how to take the cowl off , however from experience undoing the wrong bit could be holding internal items instead !! Didn’t want to risk it . That said I removed the three bolts On the rear and this did indeed hold the cowling on !
    I then notice I had a fan with quite a few fins missing ? Not sure if this is an issue but fortunately found engine on eBay for £16.77 inc postage which had a decent fan !! And maybe condenser and coil but I doubt it !!
    I then was worried about removing the camshaft / centre but to get to condense r / coil

    But it can go that wrong can it !!

    Fortunately it all came apart nice and easily and I did a test on the condenser which showed no figures at all on the meter ??

    So I’ve ordered a

    New plug
    New plug lead as was melted
    New condensor ( correct one)

    I didn’t order Coll’s as it’s only a few years since it had a new one .

    Waiting for arrival today and new fan Thursday.

    Hopefully it’s not the coil !!

    I did mark before I removed so hopefully timing will be correct when I but it back together . Carb cleaned and looks okay / primes
    You tube has been very helpful !

    Thanks again for your response it is much appreciated .

    Will let you know if it has a spark and runs !



    That isn’t the correct condenser.




    I have here a picture of hopefully the right condenser, it did come out of a 4 stroke engine though, maybe someone will confirm.




    Yes , that is the correct one , matters not if it came from a fourstroke , they are all the same.


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