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    Hi. I’ve had a Monro tiller S3 for a few years now ready for resto.
    I’m now going to start this. Does anyone know the original colour and I would like to know the age and where it was delivered too if anyone can help. I like the history side as well to put with the machine.
    Thanks in advance



    Welcome to the club, you have come to the right place for Monro information.
    I am the club custodian of the factory records, your machine was despatched on 23-2-60 and delivered on 24-3-60, unfortunately the customers name and address are not recorded for this one. The source (dealer) is shown as Walter Wood, invoice number is 35463 and it would appear they were in W Sussex as other machines from the same source have gone to customers in that area.
    The original colour is an odd metallic, sort of hammer finish, blue/green/grey mix.
    If you need an owners manual let me know (see my advert in the club magazine, The Cultivator).



    Wow, thanks Charlie. That is impressive. I’ve picked up a manual but I will have a look at yours as well. I have many other machines as well which I would like to get done, but one at a time.



    I see you bought from me via that well known auction site, posted today.
    A lot of us have more projects than time.



    Well I’m blowed small world. Hope it was the same price lol.

    Howard gem series 2
    Howard bantam
    Howard bullfinch
    British Anzani Iron horse
    British Anzani motor hoe
    Moto tiller S3
    Landmaster x 2
    Oxford Allen scythe x 3
    Atco ride on mower
    Allen challenger mower

    I think I need help



    Quite a list.



    That makes me feel old- I sold an Allen Challenger new back in my early selling days! It makes you stop to think that they are thirty years old now and classed as collector’s items.



    I forgot the BMB Hoemate with cutter bar attachment. Would love a plough for it

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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