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    Hi everyone out there, been a while since I’ve posted. Does anyone have any idea what a Wolseley Twin Six might be worth ? I’ve made an offer on one without close inspection, just need a rough idea, not seen one sold for years.



    I think the answer to that is, what is it worth to you? I am always reluctant to value machines “site unseen” because the condition is so variable.
    The twin six was not a high selling model due to it being heavy to use & was only really any use as a rotovator, with few attachments.
    As a Merry Tiller agent in the 1960s we only sold 2 & those were to nurseries with open field areas. The smaller Titan was much more popular for greenhouses & attachments etc.
    So it is a rare model & in top notch condition is well worth what you are willing to pay to make use of it.
    As a collectors item for exhibition & in need of restoration then the price will be a lot more subjective & possibly more personal, particularly if you have other Merry Tiller models to show with it.
    The big Briggs engine is the key here, because if you need to change it then a later pattern engine like a Honda would not be correct as an exhibition item, although a great improvement in personal usage I would think.
    I used to like demonstrating Twin Six units because they were so impressive to use, but not big sellers.
    I have gone on a bit, but the end story is. “What is it worth to you & what are you using it for”?
    I hope that i have helped, but I suspect not.
    Peter Hampton

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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