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    Wondering if anyone can suggest what’s wrong with my rotovator. The Kohler engine starts and runs fine with the pull cord, but I believe I should also be able to start it with the cranking handle on the side of the rotovator? When I crank it I get the impression that something is slipping when I do this.
    Any help/suggestions appreciated.



    Hi Peter
    It sounds to me that the clutch is slipping when you try to start the engine with the crank handle. I would suggest you check that there is a little free movement on the clutch lever as you start to pull it up, if not, there is possibley pressure on the clutch thrust causeing the clutch to slip. Adjust the clutch lever to allow a little
    free movement and see if that does the trick. If the clutch is slipping and you start the engine with the pull cord and use the rotavator you run the risk of burning the clutch out completely. Having said all that it may be the clutch is worn out!!

    All the best. Eric



    Hi Eric, many thanks for your reply. I did wonder if clutch adjustment was the problem. I did adjust it according to the manual but maybe I have not got it right. Will try again, and let you know how I get on. I seem to be on my own up here in Aberdeen with my interest in Howards, but I am hoping this one will be the bees knees for my walled garden at Clinterty which I have the use of. I am in to growing older potato varieties, which this cultivator I am sure will handle with ease.
    Cheers, Peter



    Peter, I have 3 Howard 700’s in various stages of renovation???? I am based just outside OLdmeldrum and can be contacted at ~



    irc you may want to reconsider posting your email address where it is publicly visible. Far better to pass that sort of information via a private message.



    I am near Inverurie, got a Gem with a JAP engine and a 350 with a Kohler, both good machines.

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