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    If you wish to post topics or reply to topics on the Forum you must either register for a FREE trial (expires after 30 days) or join the club as a paid member.
    To take advantage of the FREE trial follow the link under Subscriptions which you will see on the right hand side of the screen; please supply all details requested except NFU insurance card number.
    If you are becoming a paid member for the first time click on the Membership tab at top of screen and complete the ‘additional information form’. You will then be taken to another screen to select single or family membership etc.
    If you are an existing paid club member but have not previously registered on this website you will need to follow theh FREE trial link to register. Note user id’s were not transferred from the old site.



    I am installing new brake shoes on a ransomes mg5 crawler and am stuck it is 1 year since it was stripped and I have forgot how to put it back together any help would be welcome regards Dicky



    If you want to give me a call on 016974 78292 I can help, failing that if you have a look at the parts listings it can help show what goes where.



    hi I am looking for any info on a power edge trimmer made by Andrews lawn edgers ltd mine is the one with the jap 34cc engine and red in colour dates to about mid 1950s any photo copys or info would be a great help / I can be contacted on 01245468401 or 07585414505.



    I’ve found some info on the old forum archive which may be of help regarding your lawn edger.



    Hi New to this forum and have a question about 12hp Gems mine has stripped the splines out of the right hand hub, Are there any fixes for this (inserts ,liners etc) the splines on the shaft look un touched but the cylinder on the 4 bolt flange has been stripped out. Did consider Mig welding some metal back on and file and grinding it out must be a better fix out there. regards kettering bloke.
    NOTE. A new topic has been created for this question. Howard Gem stripped hub splines .



    ketteringbloke please note a new topic has been created for this question in the Pedestrian Operated Machines section of forum with title Howard Gem stripped hub splines. Please add all future replies and comments to that post.



    I’ve tried three times to open or download the payment details to join club again, I’ve finally got the new printer sorted out and printed off the two parts of the application form, which I’ll do and send off with a cheque, the green thick lines I take it ought to respond to a click or double click, but are unresponsive, admin.




    Thank’s for letting us know. If an online subscription has expired then sometimes it doesn’t want to play ball.

    As a backup there is the printable application form, which you found. Also some paypal forms that can be found on the help pages.

    However you decide to pay, all the information goes to the same person for sorting online and offline subscriptions and if paying by cheque then your online account will be marked as paid so you can use the full website.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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