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    Berry Croft stores is still very much alive and kicking, catering for horticultural growers and local gardeners. I used to buy Strawberry punnets and suchlike from there. When I last used them they were still based in quite an old building, probably the same they used in the 1960s. It was the sort of place that may well have had cupboards and filing cabinets stuffed with old sales records and invoices!



    Such an innovative machine and so versatile with all the attachments. It must have cost a fortune in development, then only to last a few years. Howard must have lost a packet on the 700 project. Despite availability of other Howard machines, still surprising they didn’t give it a longer run. Judging by the number of Villiers engine 700s still available it must have sold reasonably well in its short production run.



    the Howard 700 is probably more rightly called a ‘Clifford-Howard 700’ rather than its decal name of ‘Howard-Clifford 700’.

    Compare to the Clifford Mk IV and the basic design history is evident,
    think of the 700 as actually a Clifford MK V,
    with a Yeoman type quick hitch,
    and suddenly the development cost is mainly about size and power balancing,
    it is not a whole new type of machine.

    While its short production run is sad, the 800 is sadder,
    and possibly gives us a clue as why the 700 run was short,
    the 800 never went into full production because the actual cost of production was going to be too high, this implies that the similar type of machine 700 also had a high cost of production.

    I also am surprised that the 700 did not continue in production for a couple more years,
    considering that it was in production, and a significant portion of the market did choose to buy them.



    Would it be possible for a copy of unit by e mail or post.

    I have 3 Howard 700’s and would be interested in this item. I have never seen it before.

    Also looking for a hirth D24 starting handle for 700 unit.

    Best regards Ian

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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