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    With the Cobra sprayer pump came an awfully big pallet of other pumps amongst which was this large brass manual pump. There are no makers’ names on it, just what you can see on the pictures.

    There are two slots on the top where two handles fit in and it has holes in the base to bolt it down to something. Would the red paint indicate Fire Brigade I wonder, or could it be a bilge pump off a boat??

    Over to you, you haven’t been stumped yet!!



    Looks like a two-man manual pump, most
    probably fire service, although missing the coupling, the outlet looks the right size for a fire hose.
    Nice little bonus piece!.



    Geoff, not sure if this is any help.



    That’s the one, Charlie! Well done, I knew it was worth asking The Forum- you’ve never been beaten yet!

    I knew it was from Lee Howl Ltd. of Tipton in The Black Country but could not find any pictures relating to this particular pump. Surprising that it was from 1939; it looks older.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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