Braune Batricar 1980\'s battery spec?(12volt/???Ah)

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    Can anyone provide this information. There are no specs
    in the documentation and I think the battery on the scooter
    may not be the correct one. It is 12 volt and marked Crompton C X L.



    In the absence of any spec for the battery I would suggest factors to consider are physical size, location of terminals and Ah capacity, as large as possible. I am not sure how the use will impact on type of battery ie traction motor rather a car battery which needs to start the engine and is then charged by the alternator.



    with ref to these batteries they must be agm or gel type with the correct charger, fitting car batteries would work for a while but they don’t like to be run down like a disability battery, and i can assure you they are not cheap. another point if it has two batteries make certain they are wired up correctly some are 12v in series others wired to give 24v.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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