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    I have a 1962 Bolens ride a matic 236-01 and one day when I went to start it I pressed the solenoid and it made an electrical bang noise . Roughly 3 days later it stopped working so ,naturally, I bought a new solenoid for it,but when I wired the new one up it did not work.When I turned the ignition on it did nothing, infact even with a fully charged battery the ignition light did not turn on, but when I turned the ignition off and pressed the solenoid the ignition light came on but still nothing happened. I have a sneaking suspicion that I wired it up wrong and so am looking for a wiring diagram and cannot find one even in the manual. I was wondering if anyone had any information on it.

    Otherwise I may have to buy a new control box or starter motor as it is possible that either of these have been fried by that bang noise.

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