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    I was wondering if anyone had ever come across the Black and Decker hedge trimmer from 1969 that was advertised as the ‘Worlds first and only cordless hedge trimmer’?

    The battery doubled as the handle and it could be slid out and recharged in the 240 volt battery charger supplied.

    I’ve been looking on the auction sites both in the UK and USA but haven’t yet come across one. Has anyone ever seen one?

    I have the brochure for the 1969 range of B&D hedge trimmer, they ranged in price from £5.19.6 for the attachment that went on the drill up to the Heavy Duty corded trimmer at £19.19.6. The rechargeable one was even more expensive at £57.10.0.



    Have not seen one of those Alan, I do have a couple of early B&D trimmers but they are the 240 volt versions.



    No, Alan, I’ve never seen one. Quite early for a rechargeable one…..



    I expect the £57-10 price tag has something to do with not seeing any, that would have been a big chunk of someones weekly pay if not more than a weeks money.



    I did think the original price might have put off many potential customers!

    I’d guess that once the battery started not to hold charge then the whole machine would have been forgotten about in the shed and eventually disposed off. There’ll be several of them in the bottom of landfill tips across the country!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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