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    I have recently aquired a fine model TS machine No.82089 with forestry guards and the servo clutch mechanism. With new coil and condenser it fired 1st time despite all the ominous warnings about setting the timing.
    I have the Working Intructions and Spare Parts List and appear to be missing Clutch Release Trigger Spring part 852. Does anyone know where I might get one or a substitute?
    I would also much appreciate any explaination as to quite what the servo mechanism is actually doing?
    Thanks, Greg



    Greg, I can’t help with a source of a new spring but can give some indication of what the servo mechanism does. The early Allen Scythes were notorious for nothing happening when the clutch lever was operated, this was due to load on dog clutch preventing it from releasing, the trick was to open the throttle slightly to release the load. Later models with the servo overcame this problem by having a mechanism that drove the clutch out of engagement irrespective of load.



    Thanks Charlie. Found a spring that works as had bought a clutch lever spring 512 which I got to fit ok. Clutch engages fine and stays engaged, which it didnt without the spring. It still appears to need reverse pull on handles to disengage. Does this mean it is out of adjustment?
    Also, does slip clutch wear over time and is there any adjustment on that?
    Thanks again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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