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    Hi all,
    Having some trouble getting my Allen Scythe to run after it standing for a couple of months. Tested the plug to find it had no continuity, despite having done only about half an hour’s work. Replaced it with an NGK equivalent Whigs has got continuity but I’m not getting a spark. The engine is an 11c, the original plug was a champion uk10. Coil lead, condenser, coil are all new, points seem fine and we’re working before – any ideas why there’s no spark? Have I got the right plug?
    Suggestions gratefully received!





    Could be your coil had packed up? New one is easily got, I found one on ebay just be sure you compare dimensions as there was two sizes available.



    Better not be the coil, its brand new! I’ll be striping it down today so I’ll test the coil anyway.



    Remove the plug cap / connector and hold the plug lead quarter of an inch from a bare metal surface while briskly rotating the engine. If a spark jumps that gap, the coil, points and condenser are fine and your issue is with the plug or connector.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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