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Every now and again we come across a machine or a hand tool that we can’t quite place. We know we’ve seen something like it but it’s not quite the same in some way.

This section is intended as an identification tool for the club so that machinery can be identified conclusively. Manufacturers always had slight variations in their catalogues as their products were improved, or, more frequently, the machinery was improved but the catalogues were not updated. Some manufacturers even sold their products to other companies and changed the badges to suit, so that you may get the same machine in a variety of different colours and names.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless and there is no one person who can claim to know it all. This is where you, the club member, come in. Every member of our club has a specialist knowledge of his particular field and so, collectively, we should be able to identify just about anything concerning our field of preservation.

If you have a photo or a scan of an advertisement you can send it to us for inclusion in this section; just click on the link below to send us a jpeg of the item, and then it’s over to the membership!

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Mystery Mower 1This is a grass cutter that has been intriguing Alan Newbould for some time. Is it a contraption that was straight out of Heath Robinson or is it something that was actually manufactured?

Mystery2If grass cutters aren’t quite your thing, how about this from Robert Paige? We know it’s a Farmer’s Boy, but can you tell Robert what model it is?

Mystery Objects 1Helen Redmond has just sent this one in. She doesn’t know what it is and has just been bought from a reclamation yard, but what I can say is that when you enlarge it the maker’s plate says “Geo. Monro”. One for Charlie, perchance………?

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  1. Something for Hall & Duck Trust to identify by the look of it. Could be from USA.

  2. The grass cutter looks as if it’s made in two parts- the cutting cylinder which takes it’s drive from the sidewheels like a trailed gang mower and the large contraption at the back which is basically a mower pusher.

    The handlebars look very much like those on early Dennis Premier 36″ mowers and even have the steering brake levers. Similarly the large roller may be from a Dennis so that the steering brakes are operational.

    These are purely observations from the photo and may be widely inaccurate. We would welcome any further observations or information so that we can put it into a category in the Galleries section.

    Over to you……

    • it looks close but the handle to engage the drive is mounted the other way round on the handle bars and is welded in place so not something easily changed. could be a later alteration to the design by the company though.

  3. From what i have seen on the internet I would say Farmers Boy Minorette, some have fuel tank to front.

  4. That mower is an American model…

  5. Mower is an American built ‘Ideal motor mower’

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