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    I have now spent a couple of weekends trying to sort the garage out, making it into a workshop ready for the warmer weather. I’ve now made myself a bench, got myself a little lathe, sorted out the pillar drill and so forth so it is all systems go for a gearbox rebuild.

    I have found some Whitworth helicoils which is all to the good. There are no…[Read more]

  • Well, the gearbox is now back from the welders and the main worm shaft has been turned down, a collar heat shrunk on and turned to size. All looks good but I do need to helicoil one thread. 5/16″ BSW helicoil is hard to find a guess but I will keep my eyes and ears open.

    I have just been cleaning the casting tonight and I think it should be all…[Read more]


    Well, the gearbox has been sent away for welding and the main driveshaft is away being machined. The shaft will have a collar heat shrunk onto it as recommended by charlie but if all else fails, then a new part can always be machined.

    There is little to do until I get this back but the weather has turned hear in the North of England so…[Read more]

  • Thanks rollomk6, this is certainly interesting and I would certainly be interested in talking to you. Is this one on the Coleby Register by any chance? I know that one of the members has a register and I have asked him to put my details on with both the Coleby Juniors I have on it.

  • Thanks gents for the replies, it is very much appreciated and all well worth knowing, especially the effects on other component parts which is probably often overlooked. I’ll be looking at the FBHVC website in more detail to work out the water accumulation issue since I don’t really understand this at the moment, but leave it with me, it’s all…[Read more]

  • Thanks wristpin, that is most useful. It’s been something that has been bothering me about older engines in general and I’ll probably look for some additive before running my new Coleby in anger but that won’t be until next year now.

    I suspect that adding the additive to a lead free engine won’t do that any harm either in modern lawnmower, but…[Read more]

  • It’s very difficult to get leaded petrol these days and I was wondering whether you can use unleaded petrol in a Jap 4/3 engine. I seem to recall that older engines ran on unleaded petrol anyway and that leaded petrol was introduced later until it was found that it was environmentally damaging.

    If the standard JAP 4/3 engine cannot run on…[Read more]

  • Thanks Charlie, I should have taken a photo of the casing the other way up really, but the phosphor bronze bearing in the casing is sandwiched between two steel hollow shafts about 1/2″ long. I think they both have male threads on them but I’m not totally sure about this at the moment. Anyway, the inner retaining shaft has the other half of the…[Read more]

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    Still on the gearbox, I didn’t realise that the left and right hubs were different. I need to go back and look at photos and decide which goes where, just as well I kept all the components together for the left and right hubs together. I’ll soon have my other Coleby Junior to do a comparison in any case.

    What I have found is that there is a home…[Read more]

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    Now onto the gearbox rebuild again.

    The gearbox has now been fully stripped down and will be going off for welding shortly and something done with the PTO shaft all being well. The bearings have been removed and I might take the opportunity to get the casing shot blasted and powder coated, but this risks the bearing surfaces being shot blasted as…[Read more]

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    Thanks Charlie. I’ve thought about shrinking the collar onto the shaft and that still is possible. Initially I thought that heating the shaft would distort it but having thought about it for a while I only need to heat up the collar.

    So yes, good call.


  • Thanks Stuart. I still like the idea of turning the shaft down and fitting a collar over top of it. Welding may well distort the shaft.

    A bit of superglue (Loctite 480) should hold the shaft in place if I have a small clearance fit of a couple of thou.

    If this is the route I finally take, I shall let you know how I get on and any problems I’ve had.

  • A few more photos of the gearbox before stripping down totally.


    The gearbox is presenting some challenges. There is a large crack in the casing, but I believe I can get this welded. The shaft that the worm is on has worn to an unacceptable level. It would appear that the shaft was originally 25.4mm or good old 1” and has worn to 24.2mm or 0.950”. Can we stick to good old English measurements now the…[Read more]

  • The Coleby Junior is now dismantled. The engine and clutch housing has been separated, the clutch housing and the gearbox has been separated and the gearbox has now been stripped down. The next couple of posts will detail what I have done so far with a few pictures to help the descriptions.

  • Gents

    Many thanks for your replies regarding well known (or well marketed) so called penetrating oil. I think it is worth me getting some Plus Gas first of all, especially for the magneto but certainly take on board the diesel idea.

    I’m a little busy tonight but have started a “what I have done so far” write up. I need to take a few photos,…[Read more]

  • Thanks Andy, yes you are correct, the CJ series sounds about right. It’s worth me remembering you have the 25A spares since I would love to find an early Coleby and restore that at some point. However I need to walk before I can run.


  • Both are fitted with the JAP 4/3 engine but both have the newer magneto. I’m not sure whether the one I have purchased in Kent has the correct Magneto for its age, but expect the one I’m using for the restoration project will be fine to get the engine going.

    I do have the Wico 2A magneto but can’t get the screws off the coil cover at the moment.…[Read more]

  • I am new to VHGMC but now have an increasing interest in Coleby Cultivators. I am currently restoring one and have recently purchased another from a gentleman in Kent which I need to pick up.

    I have recently added to a post to a topic that started about 4 years ago, but it has been suggested that I start a new topic covering the restoration.

    The…[Read more]

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