• Hi there,
    Impressed you got the flywheel off! I was told the dynastart was similar to that used on a grey Fergie but I cannot confirm that. My machine has a coil so can’t help about the mystery black wire but I suspect Charlie is correct if it is a flywheel magneto type of spark generator as it needs an earth kill switch to stop it.
    Exhaust, t…[Read more]

  • Hello all,
    I have found a ram to fit the rear forks https://www.flowfitonline.com/hydraulic … 5mm-200015 This only required minor grinding to fit and was not (very) expensive.
    The ram is double acting so a spool valve would make it even more snazzy.
    On the other matter, I gather that some members have made or found a rear PTO adapter. If anyone…[Read more]

  • merry-tiller replied to the topic Magneto Repair in the forum Help and information 8 months ago

    For coil rewinds try Dave Hall of Barnstones,Shenington Road ,Upper Tysoe Warwickshire CV35 0TG tel 01295 680547
    His ebay persona is 384dave

  • Gradual flywheel slippage affects (retards) the timing and although it may have been perfectly assembled to start with it can end up too retarded to do any real work. I used degreaser, flour paper on the shaft to dull the finish then some Loctite. It lasts about a year before I have to redo it! Why Allen didn’t key the shaft at the correct timing…[Read more]

  • Lucky you! Why not post an advert asking members in your area if they would like to help you assemble the bits?

  • Thanks 4×4, looks as though the cowling cannot be removed until the whole front end (pulleys) is also removed; is that correct?
    The outer double pulley comes off easily but we cannot budge the electromagnetic hub at all.
    There is a spark so I’m tempted to ignore it for now, let me know if you have any advice.
    Kind regards,

  • Hello Charlie, thank you for that suggestion.Yes I have, in fact the workshop manual they sell came with the tractor and it doesn’t have that vital info in it which seemed a bit odd!

  • Hello all,
    Any idea how to get at the points on a Gutbrod 1032? The electromagnetic pulley does not want to be removed and the cowling around the impeller fan has no visible means of attachment. If you are able to offer advice or assistance, please respond to this post or call me on 07887780629
    Many thanks,

  • Hello there!
    I have a Gutbrod 1032 and would welcome any help or advice as to how to use. If you have an instruction manual that explains how to operate the beast I would be very grateful for a copy. If you just know what the various levers etc do, please get in touch. Specifically, how do I engage/disengage the epicyclic rear hubs, how do I start…[Read more]

  • Hello, try My-Tyres or Tyre Guru.

  • Thanks Alan,
    any views on the electrics and hydraulics?

  • I have recently bought a non running Gutbrod 1032 from a fellow member (thanks Adam!) and am restoring it to a usable condition. I have copies of copies of the works handbook but not the owner’s manual.
    I would really appreciate some advice on:
    1. RAL codes for the paint colours (orange and white in my case)
    2. What the three positions are for…[Read more]

  • Another day another damn machine! The merry tiller with
    updated engine (4hp) powered through the hoeing
    beautifully but was a bit reluctant to start.
    I really should download the instructions for it.
    An accidental meander across a section of lawn
    led to a useful discovery. The solid toned cultivator rotors
    make excellent lawn aerators! I hope…[Read more]

  • Hello all, just mowed the aftermath in our mini-meadow with the Allen Scythe and there was as much fuel getting past the fuel filler gasket as going into the engine. Any suggestions as to ways to minimise this loss/restore the old gasket?

  • I wanted to pass on the details of a very helpful coil winder I recently used for a Lister D3. His name is Dave Hall of Barnstones,Shenington Road ,Upper Tysoe Warwickshire CV35 0TG tel 01295 680547
    His ebay persona is 384dave
    The coil was well sealed with varnish, the time taken and the price reasonable and the spark is now excellent.

  • Hello,
    I’d like to recommend David Hall (riddley diddly on ebay) of Barnstones, Shenington Rd, Upper Tysoe, Warks. CV35 0TG 01295 680547 for coil rewinds. He’s just done my Lucas SR1 mag coil and there is a cracking spark on hand turning.

  • The new coil from the Lister D is apparently being varnished and baked so starting will hopefully now be a bit easier and the screw log-splitter will be in use in the autumn on any dead wood that the gales bring down.
    Not that it’s vintage (or even old) but the Muck Truck now has a tow hitch on the rear to tow a seat behind which i hope to drag a…[Read more]

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  • Morning all. Just joined the club as it would seem that my areas of interest overlap with yours. Currently looking for a Motostandard or Wheelhorse micro tractor for chain harrowing a mini wildflower meadow once I’ve cut it using the £15 Allen scythe. I’m based in Cumbria.