• The reason the points wouldn’t adjust was because a piece of the brown insulating material was wedged behind so that was easily corrected. The coil seems to show the right amount of resistance and I have cleaned everything up so I can’t work out why there is no spark. Is there anything else I can test? I presume the insulating material is only to…[Read more]

  • One handed use? That’s got trip to A&E written all over it. It does sound expensive, must have been two or three weeks wages?

  • OK thanks Neil thats a couple of things to have a look at when the weather calms down. I might try to post a photograph if I can work out how. The adjuster does turn but doesn’t move the points enough. I may just take it all out again to see if I can see something strange going on. I think from your description the cam is the correct one. I will…[Read more]

  • Not getting a lot of opportunity to work on this due to a change in career but starting to scratch my head a bit now. I have put the new points in but now I am unable to get the points gap correct. Either I have done or am doing something stupid or somebody has messed about with the magneto before our ownership. On the basis that the highest point…[Read more]

  • Right, so near but so far. I am still not getting a spark, I tried another spark plug pressed against the cylinder head in the dark with no success. I have replaced the points and regapped them, it has a new condenser and spark plug. Before I begin to suspect the winding itself could somebody please give me an exhaustive list of anything else I…[Read more]

  • At last after catching up on my jobs list I am back in the garage trying to get the ransomes started but no joy. I am not 100% sure that I have set the points properly so I will have a look at that again. Could somebody tell me what the points gap in the magneto should be please.

  • I have a wartime david brown aircraft tractor. They replaced the fordson model n for heavy work as they were not man enough to shift a bogged down aircraft being prone to clutch slip under heavy loads. The david brown was originally used in crawler form but as already stated they tended to damage the grass runways. They were returned to david…[Read more]

  • lurcher replied to the topic Farmers boy in the forum Help and information 6 months, 1 week ago

    I think most household insurance policies cover for theft from sheds. If not then you could change to one that does or amend your own. You just have to work out what it is worth to you to see if it falls within the insurance cover. Purchase price, anything you have spent on it and what it would cost to replace should you need to. Keep an eye for…[Read more]

  • Speaking as a new member it worked very well for me and my paperwork came very quickly too. Thanks for that. The website is very good, full of useful information just a bit of a shame that it is not used more considering the number of members but forums are not everyones cup of tea so top marks all round.

  • lurcher replied to the topic RANSOMES MG 40 in the forum Ride-on machines 8 months, 1 week ago

    You can certainly try a glow plug but if it was starting OK before then it should start without one now. You have replaced the injector and presuming that it is functioning as it should then it must be something else that you have done or not done during the replacement. I know how tempting it is to keep taking things to bits to try to solve a…[Read more]

  • Does anybody have any dimensions or drawings for the mg2 wooden floor? What is left in ours is crumbling to dust so I would like to replace it but with the correct construction rather than something that looks as if it has been fabricated with a chainsaw and sledgehammer.

  • Finally got a few minutes on the mg2 again today, still fiddling with the carb trying to make it leak free. I did however spot the engine number under the grime, TB 6135. Hopefully on my day off this week I should get it back together and make some real progress.

  • lurcher replied to the topic RANSOMES MG 40 in the forum Ride-on machines 9 months ago

    If you have had it apart I would bet that there is air still in the system somewhere. It only takes a tiny bubble to stop an engine from starting.

  • lurcher replied to the topic Ransomes mg2 questions in the forum Ride-on machines 9 months ago

    A bit more progress but unfortunately we have had some unwelcome visitors last weekend, going through our sheds and helping themselves to bits and pieces so I have been busy increasing our security rather than working on the ransomes.
    I did whip the head off and free up the exhaust valve and now we have compression although I think in the long…[Read more]

  • Dave,
    Managed to get a good light on the chassis plate this morning and my wife unprompted came up with the same number that I thought I could see. 521, which makes it 1939 I think. I stand to be corrected though. Can’t see an engine number although I don’t know where I should be looking.

  • They are all free now aside from the ones that just rotate in the sprocket because the bolt is not held tight. I spent at least a couple of hours gently tapping the last one with a hammer before I could get it to rotate freely. I was tempted to reach for the WD40 but resisted. If I could have got them off easily I would have soaked them in oil to…[Read more]

  • Today’s question. Is it possible to remove the track drive rollers without splitting the track and drive sprocket? Five of mine on one sprocket are without nuts on the end and don’t even protrude enough through the sprocket to get one on. I have managed to get all but one roller free to rotate on the pins apart from the ones with no nuts on.

  • Once I had put my glasses on I could see how it came apart. The cork is very misshapen so I have dropped it in a jar of petrol to see how it recovers but I have ordered some more anyway. Thanks yet again for the info. Did you get my pm? I am not that brilliant with computers so I wondered if it had been sent.

  • PM sent. I cleaned the original cover up so that I could put it back on to keep muck out of the gearbox and you can see the corner has been completely broken off. I wonder if this was the reason the machine was laid up originally as the broken edges are dirty and tarnished. Then somebody else has come along later on thinking they could mend it,…[Read more]

  • Is the fuel tap repairable? It does look as if it comes apart. Mine is very loose and leaks fuel badly. I managed to fit any eye in to the end of the magneto lead so that it can be attached to the terminal so that’s one question I have answered myself. Also I have purchased a grease gun for the 140 oil so I will see how that goes tomorrow…[Read more]

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