• An update on the Menshed Iseki KS280 – We have now had it running. Took a while to get it to go, due to my many mistakes/misunderstandings/inadequacies relating to ignition timing. Timing marks are on outside of flywheel, which has to be removed to allow access to adjust points. We had no technical data as to points gap, just some general books on…[Read more]

  • What would your policy be about third party adverts that you happen to come across on other media sources?? Couple of days ago, saw an advet on Gumtree for a selection of old lawnmowers. Looked interesting to my untutored eye (new to this) – not my advert so can’t redirect it to your magazine & don’t have money/trailer/storage for more than the…[Read more]

  • Andy,
    Thank you for your response & information. Will post some updates as to how we get on with our attempts at starting this. Yes, looks a fine bit of kit – bit scabby, has been lying around unused for some time I think. Also, sounds like it was skip destined had the Menshed not wanted it. Menshed apparently have a larger “ancient” cultivator…[Read more]

  • Hello, new to the club here, came across your site while looking for some info on an Iseki KS280 cultivator. My local Menshed have an example that we are tinkering with, having a view to getting it running for use in the Polytunnel. Ignition stripped and cleaned, decent spark now. Carb cleaned and ready to try. Fuel tank knackered, but think we…[Read more]