Treasure Trove

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    Well its that time of year again, dark early nights and cold dank days!.
    Spent the day with that elusive character Mr Wallingfield,deep in his caves in darkest Somerset.

    For some reason or other its always been a notion, that somewhere in the past there are tales of treasure Trove being buried in old tunnels, Coal Mines, and Salt cellars. And to be fair from time to time items do tend to come to light.

    Its so easy these days to look up on the net,latest finds,one example is the famous Nazi Bullion train supposedly lost in a mountain!

    We too during the last war hid items of art in Coal Mines in Wales.

    Today I saw 2 lots of hidden treasure! one of international importants which throws straight back to the saga of lost Nazi Gold, in the form of detailed plans of defuncted German Coal Mines,which were drawn up towards the end of the second World War.All authentic (whether that goes for Mr Wallingfield is another question)

    Now for the other bit of Treasure Trove Equally exciting, a box not opened for years full of rare brochures never been seen before on early horticultural Tractors, to include the finest of names Trusty Steed,Colbey,Auto Culto, Agria,Uni-Horse and many more.

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    Could this be a hint that Mr Wallingfield is releasing these long hidden articles at pre-war prices, in a bid to gain popularity with the VHGMC membership. OR is it business as usual ?



    Has this box not been reported on the forum on a previous occasion?



    I thought that advertising, subliminal or otherwise was strictly verboten on the forum . One rule for …………. !



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