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    I’m glad to report that Tractor World Scotland 2018 held at Ingliston was a great success. The weather stayed dry and the sun even came out too.

    It’s a good location near the airport and also a 30 minute (£3.20 return) tram ride into the centre of Edinburgh too. After sorting our exhibits we went in to Edinburgh for the Friday afternoon and evening, saw the castle lit up at night, had a good meal out and drinks with friends and then a tram ride back to the hotel. We also went to the airport for a meal – a 10 minute walk from the show field and had a look at the planes and aircraft taking off. So a good location and not having to be stuck at the show field on an evening at the end of each day.

    A good turn out of horticultural equipment, I’ll put some photos of the exhibits on here later.

    Many thanks to all the people who put the club stand together, it looked great and in a good location near the entrance.

    First prize winner was John Little with his 1940’s British Anzani 4 wheeler and second prize Richard Newbould with the 1969 Huffy Sheraton ride-on mower.








    More photos….



    More photos:


    1941 Lister DH 1.5hp engine
    1972 MF8 Tractor
    1959 AutoCulto Universal
    Planet Jnr Hoes
    1953 Howard Bantam Queens Coronation
    1986 Ransomes TurfTrak 425
    1964 Howard Hako
    1956 Rollo Croftmaster



    Items from the Saturday auction.

    British Anzani
    Garner Tractor
    Trusty with plough, toolframe,disc, cambridge roller etc.
    Ransomes MG5 with plough
    Rollo Croftmaster
    Allen Scythe
    Ransomes mowers
    Browns of Leighton Buzzard hoe



    That makes me feel old- a Ransomes TurfTrac T21! I used to repair those in the 1980’s then drove them on demonstration when I became a salesman. They would climb some amazingly steep banks and we sold a lot to Severn Trent Water for mowing reservoir banks. The funniest thing that I ever heard about one was the boss’s son tried to do a demo and turned down a hillside with the deck raised- the whole machine nosed over onto the front mower deck, lifting the rear wheels completely off the ground. The rear wheels started rotating backwards, driven by the front wheels and the whole lot free-wheeled down to the bottom of the hill until the gradient eased and the back wheels came down again.

    The boss’s son left me to do the demo’s after that! I think it took him a week to get the stains out of his trousers.



    The turf Tracs are great machines I have two 425 and a 420 with loader. I keep meaning to test the road speed with a sat nav to find out if it is fast enough to take on a tractor road run ! I have had my 420 up on the front wheels several times they are so capable that you always tend to push against the limits. really was a good show very well attended with many exhibits of extremely high standard, huge auction.



    It was a good show and worth the 3hr or so drive. Unfortunately my camera decided to go on strike, so no photo’s.
    Good to meet up with friends and make new ones. Hopefully I’ll be back next year.



    Rolloman took a good picture of you Stormin the work was worth it if everyone enjoyed themselves, a few membership forms were taken, hope they lead to more members. Next year we should be in the middle of the hall but saying that we were in a prominent position

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