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    The latest addition to my collection of Geo Monro related items, a tomato box with label indicating they were for Geo Monro. The newspaper lining bottom of box is dated Dec 1967.



    I grew Four different varieties of out door tomatoes in the allotment this year, Crimson Crush and Mountain Magic Lived up to the claim from the seed merchant, they both survived the Blight, that the chap on the next plot had with his Toms. I lost two rows of Italian Toms to blight but the two above were fine, It reminded me just how much flavour there is in Home grown, compared to the shop bought ones, that have no taste at all, Funny what we get used to!



    thats a cracking find, keep looking, but that sort of stuff is very hard to find. would look good with the tomato grader !!!

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