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    I went for CDS Thick wall hydraulic tube (also not cheap) in an attempt to reduce the overall machining required and avoiding the need to harden as it is pretty tough and will also work harden a little during use.
    I have costed the rollers at £1:75 each and the pins and nuts at £2.00 each which I am sure you would agree is a fair price when taking material cost and time into account.
    Just need to sell some now




    If I had known you were getting a large batch made I would not have made my own!
    I have a Boxford AUD centre lathe. Not really designed for large batch production.
    Do you have access to a Turret Lathe?
    Also I opted to weld my spindles, rather than threading the ends and using nuts.
    Your prices are very reasonable, I know the labour involved.
    I have given some thought to lubracation of the rollers. In the end I used a liberal coating of Copper grease on the pins when I assembled the rollers.
    Time will tell if it asks any difference.

    All the best.




    The track drive rollers are intended to run completely dry with no grease as this will retain grit and wear away the spindles, the manual instructs that if they become stuck with mud etc that you tap them with a hammer until free, not sure of the timespan of wear but if you are tracking distances pulling timber it may be significant.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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