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    One or two of you may have noticed a new tab at the top of the header for “Members Downloads”. This is exactly what it says, a section where club members can download items of interest and it will be added to over the coming months and years to give members a useful archive of reference material.

    We all owe Jean Smith an enormous debt of gratitude for sharing her compilation of manufacturers’ trade marks and making it available for all club members to use and refer to; lists such as this are not available normally because they cater for a very limited group of people and so are not commercially viable. We are lucky to have members like Jean who give up their time to compile these lists and are quite happy to share them so long as club members put them to good use. Thank you again, Jean.

    …….And, of course, not forgetting Alan Newbould who has taken the time to sort out all the technical bits to make it all possible! well done, Alan!



    Thank you for those kind words Geoff. Can I thank Alan for all the hard work he has already done and for what he has still got to do. He has kindly offered to finish off my second volume which is on garden tools and related products (trademarks and logos again). This will be completed over the next few months once I have gathered together all the information that I have plus all that has been sent to me by Charlie Moore and Pat Biggs over the last few years – my thanks to them.

    Apologies to anyone who purchased the printed copy of the Sprayers Book, for the fact that is now free to members via this website. However, you can always say that you have a Collectors copy, as so few were sold. It was not the easiest way to publish, printing out on a home printer and the cost barely covered the ink and paper involved.

    Can I wish all the members a very Happy Christmas and New Year, and roll on the 2018 Rally season and some find weather for next Spring and Summer.

    Regards to everyone



    I thought the paper copy was excellent value and very informative, will the next volume be online only ?
    Best wishes to you both.
    Chris Fuller.
    PS Hope you sell the Irus, I remember seeing it perform at GDSF ( Graham did not look confident!)



    Thanks for the question, Chris,

    The plan is to have the second book for Garden Tools created in the same format as Jean’s first book and then available as a download only to paid club members.


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