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    Greetings to you all.

    I am updating the machinery registers this weekend, so if you have submitted your machinery details for inclusion on the registers then have a quick look to make sure that your machine is mentioned.

    I have already done the Ransomes MG Register and the Trusty Steed Register but have run out of time tonight- should be able to complete it all by Sunday.

    Thanks for your patience.




    It seems that I’m having a bit of trouble uploading the new listings for the 2-wheeled Trusty register, so you’ll have to be patient a little longer whilst I work out what I’ve done wrong!




    What appears to be the matter? It’ll cost you a pork pie.



    WooHoo, I’ve done it, and it looks like I’ve saved myself some money as well!

    The Trusty Registers are now up-to-date, as is the Ransomes MG Register, so those of you who were waiting for me to look up the new dates can now find their machines details on the Survivors tab.

    Alan- I didn’t realise you were a pork pie aficionado; coming from God’s Own County (Yorkshire) I would expect you to be a world authority on Black Pudding, flat caps and Whippets, and look down on us lowly mortals who have to make do with pork pies (whether they’ve got an egg in or not).

    Either way, thanks for the offer of help. Have a good evening.



    Hi Geoff
    Do you know if Jim Beacon is doing an Auto Culto register as I have some early ones



    You would do best to ask him yourself, I haven’t spoken to him about it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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