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    Howard 350 with the Kohler K141T engine fitted . Starts from cold OK runs, but eventually looses power, misfires bang and pops . Checked fuel and carb(Carb swapped from another engine . Wondering if the coil or condenser could be failing when hot or under load . Checked points .
    Condenser is located by the coil, inside the flywheel. This is an early engine I guess as my others have the condenser mounted close to the points externally.

    Tried new plug, checked for kill switch wires shorting , plus checked all coil and condenser wiring . Electricall condenser seems OK as far as I can tell in as much as it works enough to start the thing . Tried running engine with the points cover removed to make sure that is not causing a short

    This particular condenser is obsolete . I am thing of fitting a new condenser re locating it to the normal location near the points .

    I do have an electronic ignition kit but I want to make sure the ignition system is OK before I fit it

    Any ideas ?



    I’ve never seen a 141 with the condenser inside the flywheel, I wonder if, for reasons unknown, a previous owner made the modification. Back to your cutting out issue. I know it sounds a bit counter intuitive but try closing the points gap down to 15/16 thou from the recommended 20. Many years ago I was nearly being driven to distraction by a 141 doing the same thing when a nice man at Meetens suggested reducing the points gap. Instant cure. That was when Meetens were at Coombe Lane, Wimbledon – a long time ago.



    Hi Wristpin

    Thanks will close the gap a little as you suggest . It does seem more electrical than fuel . Disconnected the kill switch to count that out too.

    It seems the condenser is a factory the condenser is made to fit it ! I have tried several US sites and they all say that condenser is obsolete Strange Maybe that suggests there were problems early on. This is replacement engine , as the original one failed last year I got a coil from that auction site from Guy Motors, and it seemed good even got it running then it stopped dead no spark !!! I put genuine points and condenser on the original engine too . Think I need to try and rebuild the original I popped the head off to check the valves and all seem OK . My Wife works for Kohler so may be I will see what I can do !!!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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