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    It,s rebuild time again and one project is to change the 700,s engine for a big briggs as i struggle to start the two stroke villiers I drain the sump and all the usual stuff but i dont have the strength to pull more than twice. Any advice would be great..



    How about a Far Eastern electric start diesel, or indeed a petrol engine, several makers produce electric start engines now. I know you can fit a Hatz engine I think (E709) not sure, but you still have to crank them.
    Good luck



    I haven’t removed the engine yet to see what sort of arrangement is on the crank, key way threaded bolt taper ???I fancied an electric start honda copy.



    Jim, A 6.5Hp “Villiers” (Honda GX200 copy) will set you back £125.00. As you know, I have a 5.5Hp version on my Wizard and so far it has been fine. Can PM you details if wanted.



    I have a 700 with Hirth D24 engine, unable to start it due lack of experience with old diesel engines. Also have 2nd 700 with villiers engine running but erratic in behaviour. I am restoring 2nd unit for display and converting engine on 1st. Unit for use.

    Is the 6.5 villiers strong enough for 700. I thought of going up to 9hp. So less strain on engine etc, but open to advice.i




    From memory of a long time ago the Hirth does get difficult to start. Usually needs the starting fuse and a really strong rapid crank over. They seem to have a relatively poor reputation amongst those who know (ie VHGMC members!)
    But the 700 Hirth is a very rare beast now. Obviously if you can’t start it you’ve got little choice. But if it could be made to start better you’d be preserving one of the few left.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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