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    Hello. I have just acquired a Howard 300. I have little or no drive through the clutch. I have taken this apart and found a badly worn alluminium inner cone and worn steel outer. Is this how it should be, ally rubbing on steel or is there a clutch lining missing? Any help will be appreciated. Also this machine is fitted with a MAG engine. Were these used by Howard? Regards Atomical2



    This may be useful
    Item 15 / 68908, Clutch cone inner and lining

    If you have a very early 300 I have a vague recollection that they had a “fibre” thrust pad to disengage the clutch rather than a ball race as in the illustration. I believe that there is a firm that supplies some older Howard clutch parts – hopefully someone else has a better memory!**

    Fairly certain that the original engine would have been a Kohler.

    ** edit – these people!



    <Thanks very much Wristpin, this is a real help. I will be in touch with the spares people. Best wishes, Chris

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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