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    I picked up this Fairlawn Spreader recently and can’t find any thing about it.
    Does anyone know of the Fairlawn Company of Buxton and what would it have been attached to, so that it could be utilised as a Spreader?



    That’s an interesting and possibly rare piece of equipment, you really must give it a try!

    I’ve found a piece of text from 1953 which explains it:

    “The Fairlawn spreader is made by the Fairlawn Company, Fairfield Works, Buxton, Derbyshire, to fit any normal wheelbarrow and enables accurate distribution of small repeated doses of artificial fertiliser”.

    It could spread weedkiller, lime, sand etc at a rate of 1/2 oz to 1lb per square yard. Simple controls and satisfaction guaranteed. Cost was £9/10/0 carriage paid in 1956.

    A company called Fairfield International Spreaders were also based at the Fairfield works in 1954.

    Interestingly the Fairfield Works have had many uses including the Buxton Mineral water Co. in the late 1800’s.



    This makes sense,traction to make it spin must come from contact with the barrow tyre.
    I will try and find a barrow to suit and photograph it.
    I bought it from a place which originally had been a small holding and it certainly looks as though it had been used.
    Thanks for the info



    That is an interesting find. Looks as if it should clamp onto a range of wheelbarrows, would be good to see a photo of it fitted in working position. Please keep us posted.



    We have one of these in our collection and although I was unable to find any info on it I had worked out it should fit on a wheelbarrow.
    It had to fit the wheelbarrow as I proved it would not fit onto the bike !!
    I have only seen one other so this one makes three now.
    Charlies extra information makes interesting reading–thanks.

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