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    I subscribe to the Australian magazine The Old Machinery Magazine (TOMM) and in the last issue was a article on the Bradford Nu-Track Tractor written by Patrick Knight

    These were a interesting single crawler track machine introduced in 1948 and although at least one survives in Australia I have never seen or heard of any survivors in this country, does anybody know if there any ?

    Does Patrick Knight now reside in Australia as he has contributed several article to TOMM on engines and horticultural equipment, I presume this is the same Patrick Knight who was the first class editor and founder of the now extinct horticultural magazine

    A previous photograph in TOMM did help me to identify a trailed unit I have was for use behind a Bradford Nu-Track tractor or other horticultural tractor .The trailed unit with seat has variable width track with plough or cultivator attachments. I purchased it many years ago from the vale of Evesham area so presume at least one tractor was working in that area



    One of the things I have come across with research is that for some machines, even when produced in a reasonable quantity, very few examples have managed to survive into preservation. It looks like the Nu-trak tractor is one of those machines.

    As you’ll already know there is actually very little information about the Nu-Trak. I did find some bits though such as in 1949 in ‘The Commercial Grower’ magazine: “Recently introduced machinery included the Nu-track tractor made by R. Bradford, London, and obtainable from Frank Bird (Engineers) Ltd., 26, Vachel Road, Reading. A small hand tractor, it is balanced on a single narrow caterpillar band placed centrally under the machine, which gives grip, and it is powered by a 880 c.c. engine. Price is £128.”

    There is a Dutch magazine called ‘Landbouwdocumentatie’ and in 1949 ran a short description of the tractor so I wonder if any made their way to Holland?

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