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    Hi, just found a Allen scythe plough that my dad used to use on his Allen scythe. Its in great condition, it has the original weight with it and the loop bar for the handles too. Not sure if these items are sort after or even worth much, but I have to say after searching and trolling the net extensively there does not seem any around for sale. Would like it if some one here could shed some light on the plough and or its worth so I can decide to sell or scrap.
    Many thanks



    Never ever scrap vintage kit, you just need to find the person that wants it, here looks like a good place!!




    Always difficult to estimate values.
    We could advertise it our club magazine at no cost, just send e mail to with details, your name, contact phone number and location. An alternative would be an online auction site.



    I was hoping someone who had bought one recently could give me an idea of what price to list it at. Searched all going web sites on the scythe and model number but can’t find any others for sale at all. Just pictures of it. Seems finding one is a rarity and I will have to guess price it accordingly. Cheers



    Here’s a pic now I have got it all out in the open air today

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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