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    Hello, All,

    I got home last night to find a letter addressed to me on the mat- no surprise there, you might say. Inside were two pages copied from the Farm Implement and Machinery Review, both very interesting and relating to Trusty prototypes. The only trouble is, no matter how hard I searched I could not find any evidence of who sent them to me; all I have to go on is the postmark on the envelope which came from Swindon.

    I am extremely grateful to whoever it was that sent them because I have never seen an actual photograph of the Trusty divisible tractor (designed and patented by F.W.McConnell) and there is certain debate as to whether it was actually built. Now that I have an actual photograph of it, I think that puts that one to bed!

    Thanks again, but who sent it???




    I’ve contacted two members from Swindon and neither of them had sent it..



    The mystery deepens! Who is the phantom magazine collector???



    If you think your surprise is unusual think about this.
    Just over a year ago I received a parcel containing a magneto and a carburettor which I presume someone wants me to overhaul. There was no letter or sender name or address in the package and nobody has made any contact to ask why I have not sent them back.
    How long would it be deemed acceptable to offer the items for sale? Not in my nature!!



    Very strange, and obviously an oversight. Wouldn’t you think somebody would be chasing it by now?

    The only reason that I want to find out who sent this letter is so that I can thank them- I can just see the scene now, with someone at a rally complaining bitterly that they’ve sent some paperwork to me and I haven’t even had the courtesy to ring and thank them!

    One day it will come to light, no doubt.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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